Wednesday, October 10, 2007

[Clips] Overdeveloped Teens

A while ago there was a paysite Overdeveloped Teens ( online which was runned by Matam66
Now you get some pics right there - watermarked by "Hagen Stein".
I´ve introduced him as a candid poster (Link) two months ago and linked to

The bad news is that the site doesn´t exist anymore like it did.
The good or most likely fatastic news is he offers FREE archive of candid clips. Don´t miss it!

The clips might be shorter than they were but find it out on your own. ;-)
Compare this clip with the one I´ve upped (see below).

Download (ODVT 25)
Very tight top and nice vid. My Rating 2/5

Here is another one - I´m not sure if you´ll find it there as well...
Download (OVD 41)
Somehow sexy... My Rating 2/5

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Anonymous said...

thx for the links,bro..