Wednesday, September 10, 2008

[Clips]: Breastwatching

Giving something back to the community!

About a month ago I asked about some breastwatching clips (Link). Well here is the answer from DrJekyll! If you like those clips, you should have a closer look at!

Got them! Slim & Stacked from 2007/08
Download (4 files, can be unzipped seperately)


BigTitsGlamour said...

I'm crazy for the last one in PINK!!! Thanks so much!

Hannes said...

What's the program you've used to edit these videos? This might be a stupid question but i'm interested in that particular effect which instead of shaking around, makes the film moving only in that "black box". That's something that makes watching these clips very much more enjoyable. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

All of those are worth watching....GREAT stuff :D

Anonymous said...

In some players (such as RealPlayer), these all play really, really, really dark, to the point where you can't see anything. In other players (such as QuickTime), however, they play just fine. Does anyone have any idea why?

silent whispers said...

Damn! I'm loving this blog even more! Thanks for the uploads and also thanks to Dr. Jerklly!!!

BreastQuest said...

Indeed, some real nice ones, but the blurred out faces doesn't cut it for me.

Thx for sharing, though.

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