Wednesday, October 27, 2010

[Clips]: CDD 2010-07-26

Just a small update for all CDD lovers. Clips are in HQ!

(Pass: bustycandids)



Tuesday, September 21, 2010

CA: Clip 2009-09-24

Updated with an CA clip!

I was really surprised, that you folks voted for the CA clips. Well here is one and - I hope that you don´t mind some additional CDD clips. BTW: Maybe the Watermelons are the biggest boobs you´ve ever seen in a candid clip.

Download (2009-09-24)
(1 Clip, splitted into 2files; RS; Pass: bustycandids)

Download (2files; FF; Pass: bustycandids)



Thursday, July 15, 2010

[Community]: Batman Fan Award

Whooza, Batman has the best fans all over the world...

Best regards to Jordan and Rackrater.

HQ Pictures (from the set above and below)
small Candid-a-like clip (Pass... ; FF)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

CDD 2010-05-31 (HD)

Back with some outstanding clips from CDD in the new HD format!

I can only recommend his site - those HD clips are superb and a great improvement compared to the old ones and the new CA Archive. I really hope that CA changes their policies. However CA offers much more clips or that is to say much more sightings per week...

I´m interested in the opinion of the candid community. Please vote (upper right corner) and I´ll consider this for future selections.

Download (pass: bustycandids; FF)
- 6 Clips in total, 4 previews below -

Thursday, May 20, 2010

CA Random 2010

Here is one random CA clip from the 2010 archive. It really is a shame that one of best candid sites has choosen this new (low quality) format.
I´ll post some new HD CDD clips within the next days to have a comparrsison.

Download (pass: bustycandids; RS and FF)
You´ll find 3 files in the folder.
The smallest one(#3) is a complete clip in a downscaled avi format (30MB).

[Special]: Wendy (Update)


I know it´s little late for a breaking news but I was quite surprised that
Wendy has started her own site ! a few days ago. She is also known as Wendy Combattente and as Wendy 4 form sbb. The first profession photos I´ve seen are form Actiongirls.
Looks like Denise is getting some more competition after Jordan has started her own site, too. Well, I´l happy about that :)

Update #2: Bike V i d e o !
Finally I found a first video. There are at least two more... Meanwhile enjoy here on her bike!

Update #1: some pics
Maybe some rember Wendy not only from SBB but from some random forum. I had some pics on my HD from jugshots. I´ve updated the folder below with some pics (8MB)

Download Pics (Update | pass: as always...)
1 file contains 2 sets: Plane and Yellow Bikini
2 file contains some random pics

Download Video (Update | pass: as always... | RS)

Friday, May 14, 2010

[Clips]: Unknown Candid Shooters

Some uncommon stuff besides the usal CDD and CA clips for today.

I don´t remember where I found them. The first one is a great catch combined with some cool technical video editing.

Huge Cleavage (My Rating 4/5)
Download (pass: as always...; RS)

Bebe Girl - Directors Cut (My Rating 3/5)